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The Cambridgeshire Light Blues Club was set up in 2017 and its intention was to bring new and young masons together for social gatherings as a club and for the member’s families.

To explain the club concisely here is our mission statement:

The Cambridge Light Blues club is a fun and social side to Freemasonry for everyone with a light or white apron, in the Province of Cambridgeshire. Our aim and hope is to organise and host events that, you, your family and friends will enjoy and look forward to. The club is a welcoming hand to any brother who would like to meet more people, be more involved and learn more in a non-formal and entertaining atmosphere.

Freemasonry is about building lifelong friendships; the Light Blues Club hopes to increase that number of friends for you and hopes to help build a strong network of companions for everyone in the Province.

At the 2021 AGM I was appointed Chairperson for the club and my objectives are to make sure great events are planned for all members and to ensure all your lodge’s Initiates, Fellowcraft and Light Blues become members and know more about what we do. In that I would like to ask your help and that you include the mission statement in your next relevant meeting. I would also like to join any virtual meetings you have coming up for further explanation of the club.

We have a CLB rep in most lodges, their responsibility is to stand up in the third rising and announce the news and events which are happening or just to remind the light blue members to get involved for the future of masonry.

The future of our fraternity lies with the new and young masons and we must all try and encourage all our members, including them to return to lodge and feel welcome. To aid this the Provincial Mentor, his mentors and your CLB rep will soon be invited to meet online to discuss a new initiative called the Buddy System which is supported by our Provincial Grand Master.

Please accept my offer to attend our online meetings, if only for a brief period to better explain the club and our future hopes.

Adrian Peters